Wii Hardware Bundle Review: What Features Are Important to Consider?

By taking a look at any one of the Wii hardware bundle review forums, you will see that Nintendo offers very attractive packages to the gaming consumer. Along with a stand-alone console, Nintendo offers packages that consist of multiple games and accessories for you to enjoy in your own home.If you are considering a Nintendo Wii, remember that Nintendo did not design this console to cater for the serious gamer. Limited graphic capabilities and somewhat slower response times means that games such as Halo are much more enjoyable on some of the other more advanced – and more expensive – gaming systems on the market.No one has any doubt that the Wii is wildly popular. In fact, over 20 million units have been sold un the United States alone. There are in fact many reasons why people choose to purchase a Nintendo Wii over some of the more advanced gaming consoles.You can purchase Nintendo Wii hardware online and the options are literally limitless. These include Wii remotes, nunchuks, swords and all sorts of other interesting accessories to further enhance your gaming experience. Another reason behind the popularity of the Nintendo Wii and the bundles the corporation now presents consumers is not only the low power consumption and attractive price tag of the console, but also user-friendly features that each member of the family can enjoy.The Nintendo Wii and the bundles are in no way designed for people with small bedrooms, yet are completely suitable and enjoyable for people with large living rooms who are looking to play multiplayer games with friends and family.The Wii also allows you to connect to the Internet and directly download retro games as seen on the earliest of Nintendo’s gaming consoles. There are also micro SD slots and internal flash memory coupled with two USB ports – meaning that the console’s memory can be expanded to suit your requirements.There are both advantages and disadvantages with the Nintendo Wii and this is purely down to personal preference. However, remember that if you purchase one of the more advanced consoles on the market, your friends and family members may not be able to play games with you.A Wii hardware bundle review can give you some specifics about the product, but personal preference and requirements will be the key factor when making a decision over your proposed gaming platform.If you would like details, pictures and the best online prices, please see the Wii Hardware Bundle Review.

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4 Useful Categories of Games for Online Casinos

Playing casino-derived games online is a great form of entertainment. You could experience fun in a two-fold manner when engaging in those wonderful pastimes – one that is characterized by the exciting formats and settings and another that is described by the seemingly endless flow of money for every winning chance. Also, the good thing about playing casino online is that you could choose from a wide selection. Arranged with your mood in mind, here are some helpful categories of casino games online arranged in this manner – B-Bonus, A-Action, L-Luck and M-Mind, grouped as the BALM categorization.B for Bonus: Let the Money Come InYou should definitely touch on those games that could guarantee you great jackpots if you are the type who finds leisure in delving on those entertaining activities. For instance, playing progressive games is a great idea if you want to go for high bonuses, granted that the jackpot value constantly rises for every active player of specific games belonging to such game category counted at a given time.A for Action: See the Excitement First-HandIf you want to have an exciting experience in playing casino games online, then you have a great option to witness the action yourself by watching live games online. Games played live by live dealers such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack and the like are commonly offered by website offering those these days.L for Luck: Spin Multiple ChancesPlaying casino games at websites would entail you to have luck riddling your mind. Thus, if you are in the mood to talk to Lady Luck, you should make it a point to play those that are reliant to chances such as online casino slots games which are played when two or three similar image reels match at a given round. You could also choose to play classic table games such as sic bo, craps, roulette and the like, provided that the casino game website of your choice has those games in tow.M for Mind: Enjoy Playing With CardsWinning with strategy is among the best ways to enjoy casino games online. You actually have a lot of chances to learn new techniques when dealing with strategy-based formats such as card games like baccarat blackjack, poker and the like. Those could harness your sense of developing strategies against the counter-strategies prepared against you by other players.When In Doubt, Think of BALMIf you have nothing else to do and you suddenly think of playing casino games from your favorite casino website, then you should make it a point to think of the BALM categorization so that you could fit your mood to the kind of online casino games that you want to play. Yet, at the end of the day, make sure that you play online casino games responsibly and in moderation so that you could stay away from the dangers of addiction.

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How To Create Music: Beat Making Software Vs Hardware

In today’s world, music producers have the luxury of making beats with software programs, but this wasn’t always the case. It was not too long ago that beat making programs like Fl Studio and Propellerhead Reason didn’t exist. Before people learned how to make instrumentals on software they made music with hardware devices such as drum machines and piano keyboards. (And believe it or not, at one point playing live instruments was the only option for producers!) This article will show top 3 advantages of using beat making software and why it’s become so popular.1. Ease of UseAs stated earlier, in the past producers used piano keyboards and drum machines to make beats. Music hardware devices such as the Akai MPC, Ensoniq ASR10, and midi keyboards (Korg, Roland, Yamaha) were used to make beats. Producers who made instrumentals within these devices did not have the advantages of being able to visually see all aspects of their music production. Furthermore, when it came time to sequence music and mix the instrumental(s), the process was a lot tougher for musicians than it is today because of the hardware limitations.Many music software programs offer thousands of features that previously were not available on their counterparts. For example, quantization features on old music hardware devices were often limited. With the new software tools we have today, producers can quantize their instrumentals up to 1/64th! Some digital audio workstations (DAWs), like Logic Pro or Pro Tools, allow quantization to go even further than that! Hip hop producers, such as Lex Luger, have been known to take advantage of these features in dirty south beats using Fl Studio.Another example of how software has made things simple for musicians can be found in sampled beats. Hip hop music has its roots in sampling pieces of old music and re-creating them. In the past, a device like the MPC was used to sample a song. Now because of the improvements in music software programs, producers can create a sampled beat using a program like Propellerhead Recycle. Propellerhead Recycle is audio editing software that allows a beat maker to “chop” a section or sections of music so that it can be manipulated later on with a midi keyboard. The great part about the program is that you can re-edit and save different versions of the audio easily and effortlessly. This was previously either not possible or very challenging to do with music hardware.2. Reduced CostAnother major reason why more producers are using software to create music is because of the reduced cost. Keyboards like the Roland Fantom, Korg Triton, and Yamaha Motif were once reserved only for producers who could afford to purchase them. With the beat making software available now, producers can duplicate the sounds created by these pieces of hardware and save money! A high end piano keyboard such as a Roland Fantom used to cost about $2000-$5000. Producers can now purchase a DAW, like Ableton Live or Cakewalk Sonar, for less than half the price and still make high quality music.These DAWs also allow musicians to emulate the sounds of live instruments through the use of virtual instruments. Virtual instruments are music software programs that can be used within a DAW or as a standalone program. These software instruments have been used for scoring films and television shows at a dramatically reduced cost in comparison to the live equivalent.3. Ease of AccessMusic production software is easier to use and cheaper than hardware, but the biggest reason why beat makers are using software is because of its accessibility. As stated before, beat making and music production was reserved for a select group of people at one point in time. These people had the money and talent to purchase high end music hardware, but then along came the personal computer!As music consumers began to purchase more affordable personal computers, software programs had to keep up. More powerful computers led to more powerful software. This led to computers being accessible to almost anyone trying to make their own beats. This opened up the doors for a whole new generation of music producers.Upcoming beat makers have benefited tremendously from the technological advances in music production software. They’ve been able to save money and make beats easily through simple, intuitive beat making software programs. Although music hardware hasn’t gone “extinct”, it is clear that using music software to create music is the way of the future.

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Injunctions in Federal Health Care, Securities & Bank Mortgage Fraud Cases for Attorneys & Lawyers

The health care fraud, bank/mortgage fraud and securities fraud practitioner should be aware of 18 U.S.C. § 1345, a law which permits the federal government to file a civil action to enjoin the commission or imminent commission of a federal health care offense, bank-mortgage offense, securities offense, and other offenses under Title 18, Chapter 63. Otherwise known as the federal Fraud Injunction Statute, it also authorizes a court to freeze the assets of persons or entities who have obtained property as a result of a past or ongoing federal bank violations, health care violations, securities violations, or other covered federal offenses. This statutory authority to restrain such conduct and to freeze a defendant’s assets is powerful tool in the federal government’s arsenal for combating fraud. Section 1345 has not been widely used by the federal government in the past in connection with its fraud prosecution of health and hospital care, bank-mortgage and securities cases, however, when an action is filed by the government, it can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of such cases. Health and hospital care fraud lawyers, bank and mortgage fraud attorneys, and securities fraud law firms must understand that when a defendant’s assets are frozen, the defendant’s ability to maintain a defense can be fundamentally impaired. The white collar criminal defense attorney should advise his health and hospital care, bank-mortgage and securities clients that parallel civil injunctive proceedings can be brought by federal prosecutors simultaneously with a criminal indictment involving one of the covered offenses.Section 1345 authorizes the U.S. Attorney General to commence a civil action in any Federal court to enjoin a person from:• violating or about to violate 18 U.S.C. §§ 287, 1001, 1341-1351, and 371 (involving a conspiracy to defraud the United States or any agency thereof)
• committing or about to commit a banking law violation, or
• committing or about to commit a Federal health care offense.Section 1345 further provides that the U.S. Attorney General may obtain an injunction (without bond) or restraining order prohibiting a person from alienating, withdrawing, transferring, removing, dissipating, or disposing property obtained as a result of a banking law violation, securities law violation or a federal healthcare offense or property which is traceable to such violation. The court must proceed immediately to a hearing and determination of any such action, and may enter such a restraining order or prohibition, or take such other action, as is warranted to prevent a continuing and substantial injury to the United States or to any person or class of persons for whose protection the action is brought. Generally, a proceeding under Section 1345 is governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, except when an indictment has been returned against the defendant, in which such case discovery is governed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.The government successfully invoked Section 1345 in the federal healthcare fraud case of United States v. Bisig, et al., Civil Action No. 1:00-cv-335-JDT-WTL (S.D.In.). The case was initiated as a qui tam by a Relator, FDSI, which was a private company engaged in the detection and prosecution of false and improper billing practices involving Medicaid. FDSI was hired by the State of Indiana and given access to Indiana’s Medicaid billing database. After investigating co-defendant Home Pharm, FDSI filed a qui tam action in February, 2000, pursuant to the civil False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729, et seq. The government soon joined FDSI’s investigation of Home Pharm and Ms. Bisig, and, in January, 2001, the United States filed an action under 18 U.S.C. § 1345 to enjoin the ongoing criminal fraud and to freeze the assets of Home Pharm and Peggy and Philip Bisig. In 2002, an indictment was returned against Ms. Bisig and Home Pharm. In March, 2003, a superseding indictment was filed in the criminal prosecution charging Ms. Bisig and/or Home Pharm with four counts of violating 18 U.S.C. § 1347, one count of Unlawful Payment of Kickbacks in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1320a-7b(b)(2)(A), and one count of mail fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1341. The superseding indictment also asserted a criminal forfeiture allegation that certain property of Ms. Bisig and Home Pharm was subject to forfeiture to the United States pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 982(a)(7). Pursuant to her guilty plea agreement, Ms. Bisig agreed to forfeit various pieces of real and personal property that were acquired by her personally during her scheme, as well as the assets of Home Pharm. The United States seized about $265,000 from the injunctive action and recovered about $916,000 in property forfeited in the criminal action. The court held that the relator could participate in the proceeds of the recovered assets because the relator’s rights in the forfeiture proceedings were governed by 31 U.S.C. § 3730(c)(5), which provides that a relator maintains the “same rights” in an alternate proceeding as it would have had in the qui tam proceeding.A key issue when Section 1345 is invoked is the scope of the assets which may be frozen. Under § 1345(a)(2), the property or proceeds of a fraudulent federal healthcare offense, bank offense or securities offense must be “traceable to such violation” in order to be frozen. United States v. DBB, Inc., 180 F.3d 1277, 1280-1281 (11th Cir. 1999); United States v. Brown, 988 F.2d 658, 664 (6th Cir. 1993); United States v. Fang, 937 F.Supp. 1186, 1194 (D.Md. 1996) (any assets to be frozen must be traceable to the allegedly illicit activity in some way); United States v. Quadro Corp., 916 F.Supp. 613, 619 (E.D.Tex. 1996) (court may only freeze assets which the government has proven to be related to the alleged scheme). Even though the government may seek treble damages against a defendant pursuant to the civil False Claims Act, the amount of treble damages and civil monetary penalties does not determine the amount of assets which may be frozen. Again, only those proceeds which are traceable to the criminal offense may be frozen under the statute. United States v. Sriram, 147 F.Supp.2d 914 (N.D.Il. 2001).The majority of courts have found that injunctive relief under the statute does not require the court to make a traditional balancing analysis under Rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Id. No proof of irreparable harm, inadequacy of other remedies, or balancing of interest is required because the mere fact that the statute was passed implies that violation will necessarily harm the public and should be restrained when necessary. Id. The government need only prove, by a preponderance of the evidence standard, that an offense has occurred. Id. However, other courts have balanced the traditional injunctive relief factors when faced with an action under Section 1345. United States v. Hoffman, 560 F.Supp.2d 772 (D.Minn. 2008). Those factors are (1) the threat of irreparable harm to the movant in the absence of relief, (2) the balance between that harm and the harm that the relief would cause to the other litigants, (3) the likelihood of the movant’s ultimate success on the merits and (4) the public interest, and the movant bears the burden of proof concerning each factor. Id.; United States v. Williams, 476 F.Supp2d 1368 (M.D.Fl. 2007). No single factor is determinative, and the primary question is whether the balance of equities so favors the movant that justice requires the court to intervene to preserve the status quo until the merits are determined. If the threat of irreparable harm to the movant is slight when compared to likely injury to the other party, the movant carries a particularly heavy burden of showing a likelihood of success on the merits. Id.In the Hoffman case, the government presented evidence of the following facts to the court:• Beginning in June 2006, the Hoffman defendants created entities to purchase apartment buildings, convert them into condominiums and sell the individual condominiums for sizable profit.• To finance the venture, the Hoffman defendants and others deceptively obtained mortgages from financial institutions and mortgage lenders in the names of third parties, and the Hoffmans directed the third party buyers to cooperating mortgage brokers to apply for mortgages.• The subject loan applications contained multiple material false statements, including inflation of the buyers’ income and bank account balances, failure to list other properties being purchased at or near the time of the current property, failure to disclose other mortgages or liabilities and false characterization of the source of down payment provided at closing.• The Hoffman defendants used this method from January to August 2007 to purchase over 50 properties.• Generally, the Hoffmans inherited or placed renters in the condominium units, received their rental payments and then paid the rent to third-party buyers to be applied as mortgage payments. The Hoffmans and others routinely diverted portions of such rental payments, often causing the third-party buyers to become delinquent on the mortgage payments.• The United States believe that the amount traceable to defendants’ fraudulent activities is approximately $5.5 million.While the court recognized that the appointment of a receiver was an extraordinary remedy, the court determined that it was appropriate at the time. The Hoffman court found that there was a complex financial structure which involved straw buyers and a possible legitimate business coexisting with fraudulent schemes and that a neutral party was necessary to administer the properties due to the potential for rent skimming and foreclosures.Like other injunctions, the defendant subject to an injunction under Section 1345 is subject to contempt proceedings in the event of a violation of such injunction. United States v. Smith, 502 F.Supp.2d 852 (D.Minn. 2007) (defendant found guilty of criminal contempt for withdrawing money from a bank account that had been frozen under 18 U.S.C. § 1345 and placed under a receivership).If the defendant prevails in an action filed by the government under the Section 1345, the defendant may be entitled to attorney’s fees and costs under the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA). United States v. Cacho-Bonilla, 206 F.Supp.2d 204 (D.P.R. 2002). EAJA allows a court to award costs, fees and other expenses to a prevailing private party in litigation against the United States unless the court finds that the government’s position was “substantially justified.” 28 U.S.C. § 2412(d)(1)(A). In order to be eligible for a fee award under the EAJA, the defendant must establish (1) that it is the prevailing party; (2) that the government’s position was not substantially justified; and (3) that no special circumstances make an award unjust; and the fee application must be submitted to the court, supported by an itemized statement, within 30 days of the final judgment. Cacho-Bonilla, supra.Healthcare fraud attorneys, bank and mortgage fraud law firms, and securities fraud lawyers should be cognizant of the government’s authority under the Fraud Injunction Statute. The federal government’s ability to file a civil action to enjoin the commission or imminent commission of federal health care fraud offenses, bank fraud offenses, securities fraud offenses, and other offenses under Chapter 63 of Title 18 of the United States Code, and to freeze a defendant’s assets can dramatically change the course of a case. While Section 1345 has been infrequently used by the federal government in the past, there is a growing recognition by federal prosecutors that prosecutions involving healthcare, bank-mortgage and securities offenses can be more effective when an ancillary action under the Section 1345 is instigated by the government. Health and hospital care lawyers, bank and mortgage attorneys, and securities law firms must understand that when a defendant’s assets are frozen, the defendant’s ability to maintain a defense can be greatly imperiled.

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Personal Health Organizer – How to Take Control of Your Health Care

The use of a personal health organizer is key to your ability to take control of your health care. Given all the changes in our health care system, you must remain fully engaged in all aspects of your care. A personal medical organizer will allow you to take charge of the process.Improve Chance of Correct DiagnosisAccording to the American Society of Internal Medicine, 70% of a correct diagnosis depends on what the patient tells the doctor. The use of a personal medical organizer will help you share vital information with your physician about your symptoms. Having more data available will help your physician make better decisions. With this information-rich data at hand you may be able to provide your treatment team with the one crucial item of information that helps secure a correct diagnosis.Reduce Duplication of ServicesAn actively involved and informed health care consumer will keep up to date medical information in a personal medical organizer to prevent duplication of service. Repeating tests and procedures are not only costly but they can also expose you to potential medical errors. Recent surveys indicate that duplicate or triplicate tests are often ordered. Some estimates report that one out of five tests is ordered unnecessarily.Keeping track of vaccinations, immunizations, test results and medication history will allow for safer and much better health care; especially if you are seeing more than one physician. Sharing this information with your physician will strengthen all of your communication efforts with your providers.Increase Your Participation in Health Care ProcessResearch suggests that patients who take a more active role in visits with their physician may have a greater sense of control and better health outcomes. In addition, patients who have an active working relationship with a primary care physician receive more preventative services and spend fewer days in a hospital. Keeping a detailed and continuous record of your health, and then sharing this valuable information, will allow you to get the best from your interactions with your health care team.Taking an active role in your own medical care may be one of the most important decisions of your life. A personal medical organizer can be an excellent health management tool. Start today and use it at your next medical visit.

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